Our Client Partners

In our 25-year career, here are just some of the
brands we’ve helped Accelerate

Case Studies


Accelerating the efforts of one of the world’s best-known digital brands to establish and promote best-in-class data privacy, child Internet safety and protection against hate and harassment in key territories around the world


Accelerating one of the world’s leading media brands in their ability to identify the most appropriate social media influencers and cultural events and moments to not only promote their brand, but amplify their key brand pillars


Accelerating the growth of one of television’s fastest-growing and most-acclaimed streaming services with effective marketing positionings for its premium series, as well as qualitative and quantitative content testing in major territories around the world

Case Studies


Accelerating the rebranding and transformation of one of the best-known and highest-rated television networks as a multiplatform destination for premium, pro-social content just as relevant to Gen Z and Millennials as Gen X and Boomers


Accelerating the evolution of one of television’s most-acclaimed and beloved linear networks into a leading streaming destination with content tests identifying and refining their most-watched comedy of all time


Accelerating the efforts of one of the world’s leading producers of unscripted television to produce socially responsible programming during the pandemic, via regular qualitative and quantitative research

Case Studies


Accelerating the growth of a leading OTT service with qualitative research among current and potential subs, quantitative creative testing, CSAT tracking and secret shopper studies


Accelerating the growth of three leading streaming services in all key territories around the world, by monitoring, reporting, analyzing and advising on their KPI’s on a monthly and quarterly basis


Accelerating the CSR initiative of a trillion-dollar brand to promote Covid prevention and vaccination among the most at-risk populations, via ongoing qualitative and quantitative research