About Us







We speed and simplify the
process at each step

We know that you’re busy and don’t
have much time

We respond to your
RFP within hours

We send you a questionnaire to
approve the next day

We start


a day

after that

We deliver real-time early
results based on partial data
from the first day of fielding

Then we deliver easy-to-use
scorecards or a simple
presentation your
stakeholders can understand
and act upon

We’re holistic thinkers

We don’t approach studies from only a media or market
research perspective…we approach them as:

Investors, entrepreneurs and innovators
Political scientists
Trendspotters and futurists
Pop culture aficionados
Generational and lifestage experts
Multicultural/DEI experts
ESG experts
Digital/mobile/social media experts

We have the full
support and resources of
SmithGeiger Group

We’re backed by the best in the business

In-house programming, fielding and data processing
Flash Report, your online, real-time data dashboard
A team of analysts and data visualization experts
A team of statisticians and marketing scientists
An airtight quality-control system
An in-house marketing and creative agency (Fathom)
An in-house consultancy on revenue growth (Elevate)
Experts on news across all platforms (SG)
Experts on unscripted lifestyle content (SG)
A company with a 20-year track record of delivering outstanding work