What we do

Our solutions

Sales Growth
Strategic Goals
Social Goodwill

Sales Growth

We help brands achieve greater market share, higher
revenues and larger share of attention with solutions
such as:

Content testing
Creative testing
Title, talent and concept testing
Demand studies and forecasting
Ad sales and ad environment studies
Purchase funnel studies
Channel carriage and valuation studies
Awareness and purchase consideration tracking
Consumer landscape studies
Market sizing and target market identification studies

Strategic Goals

We help brands set, measure and maintain their
strategic goals with:

Marketing positioning studies
Brand fit studies with talent, content and events
Package testing
A&U studies
Brand health tracking
NPS tracking
Churn prevention tracking
Longitudinal research via diaries and insight communities
Qualitative explorations
Creative work sessions

Social Goodwill

We help brands build their social goodwill by testing:

ESG, kids’ safety and data privacy/security messaging
Campaigns to amplify and support content creators
Covid prevention and vaccination campaigns
Brand fit with social initiatives and movements
Naming, branding and content of pro-social campaigns
DEI policies across a diverse consumer base
Corporate political activism among consumers and influencers
Effectiveness of PSA’s, on-air and cross-channel
Marketing campaigns for non-profits
How non-profits are meeting the needs of stakeholders, including donors